Care of Jewelry

Cecilia Jewel is handmade jewelry of high quality. In order to enjoy your jewelry to the fullest I ask that you do the following: 

> Do not allow the Jewelry to come into contact with liquids or solvents. 
> Avoid applying perfume or creams while wearing the jewelry
> We recommend not wearing your jewelry in the shower, when sleeping or exercising
> To clean, Use a clean dry soft cloth or jewelry cloth, use mild soap and lukewarm water with a small brush to clean lightly. Some patinas and plated jewelry may loose its vibrancy so clean with care. 
> Store each item separately in a velvet pouch to prevent tarnishing. 

Stones are precious gifts from the earth. They will maintain their full glory if treated with care. 

Customized Jewelry Design

One of the many beautiful aspects of jewelry is that it can live through our ancestors lives and through generations. So many options exist when we look at redesigning jewelry. We can love the look of a piece of jewelry, but sometimes its hard to figure out how to combine it.

There are many options for you to turn this into something that you can wear all the time. The gems of a necklace can be turned into a simple ring, or vice versa. Old rings can be turned into a new pendant necklace. Not only does redesigning your jewelry give it an extra life, it helps you keep the sentimental value of family and friends. So before you think about storing an old ring or pair of earrings, consult with me to create a new piece that you will wear for years to come.